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Participants Info 2009

Page history last edited by Thelma Marques 14 years, 6 months ago

Please, take some minutes to fill in some of your basic information to organize the interaction within our group.

Click on "Edit" (top of this page) . For each box, write the information required (Name, MSN, Skype ID, Yahoo Messenger ID .


When you don't have the information to fill in, just add an x.


Then, click on "Save".


If you don't have Skype, remember to download it. It's a great tool to keep in touch.




Group Data - Week 1


Skype ID Workplace/Job Other Info
Carla Arena carlaarena carlaarena CTJ/e-moderator

blogs at http://collablogatorium.blogspot.com


Hélade Cappai  x heladecappai  You Idiomas


Luciano Lacerda  senhafalsa  SEE-DF   
Alba Cobra albacobra alba.cobra CTJ

Orkut: Alba Pelucio Cobra De Carlo

Facebook: Alba Cobra

Twitter: albacobra

Ning: http://pretestctj.ning.com



Shelfari: http://www.shelfari.com/o1518275648

            Alba Cobra

Diigo: Alba Cobra

DailyLit: albacobra

Blogs at http://edutasks.blogspot.com

Edmodo: teacheralba

PB Wiki PB Works: http://albacobra.pbworks.com

Luciana Rocha  lucijonesteacher  lucijones1 Cultura Inglesa 
Denise De Felice    denise.de.felice  CTJ/Deputy Coordinator  (not yet.....) 
Cláudia Farias  claudiamfarias CTJ 

orkut: Cláudia Farias

Twitter: claudiamarinho

Blog: http://claudiafarias.posterous.com 

Patricia Ferreira  patriciavilla2007  CTJ  orkut : Patricia Ferreira 
Mirian Resende  mirian.resende63 mirian_resende CCBEU Interamericano  
Erika Oya  erikaoya  erikaoya  CTJ 
Mariúcha Rezende mariucha_rj x Ibeu, Cna

Orkut: mariuchadias@gmail.com
Blog: mariuchadias.wordpress.com

Karina Mendes Nunes Viana  karinamendes1  x CAPES - scholarship  Orkut: kmendesnunesviana@yahoo.com.br
Jose Antonio da Silva  teacherze joseantoniook CTJ - Teacher/Ed Tech Monitor blog: http://joseantoniook.blogspot.com 
Maria Tereza dos Reis Gomes tereza1906@gmail.com  x CTJ blog: http://mariaterezagomes.blogspot.com
Claudio Fleury x claudioctj CTJ - teacher / Ed Tech Monitor




Nina Lyulkun x nagora60 EL- teacher



Blog: http://dim-khnu.blogspot.com/

Claudio Azevedo x claudioazev Casa Thomas Jefferson



blog: http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com

Aída Freire  x aida.carvalho  CTJ/Resource Center  http://afreire.posterous.com/
Karen Brock      Cambridge   
Adriana Félix  felix.adriana@hotmail.com  adriana felix  CTJ teacher 



Silvia Caldas silviacaldas@hotmail.com silvia.caldas1 CTJ teacher x
Domingos Di Lello  betodilello@gmail.com  CTJ teacher 
Dennis Oliver dennis-oliver former ESL teacher in Arizona, U.S.A. online friend and colleague of Carla Arena, José Antônio da Silva, Nina Lyulkun.
Tula Hatagima Teixeira   tuladanian Cultura Inglesa Uberlândia http://tula.posterous.com
Climene Arruda climenearruda@gmail.com climenearruda Universidade FUMEC  
Natália Forattini    natalia.bezerra1  CTJ teacher   
Antônio Anastácio  anastacio.castelo@gmail.com  anastacio.castelo  EL-Unibacen 


edmodo  antoniobranco

PBWiki PBworks anastaciocastelo.pbworks.com

delicious http;//delicious.com/antonios10


MSN ID  Google Gmail anastacio.castelo@gmail.com

Skype  anastacio.castelo

blogger blog http://anastacio10blogspot.com

posterous blog http;//mynameanastacio.posterous.com

podcast anastacio12'spodcast

RSS antonio.branco (check google reader/pages)

www.pageflakes.org antonio.castelo

www.learningtimes.or antonio.castelo

www.flickr.com aacastelo.branco

http://m.flickr.com (all on my cellphone)

yahoo.com.br antonioanastaciocastelobranco@yahoo.com.br

www.twitter.com anastacio13twit

Wanda Gomide wandagomide@yahoo.com.br      
Flávia Lúcia Borges       e-mail : flaviactj@yahoo.com.br
Thelma Marques


thelma6967 ETL teacher e-mail: teacher.thelma@gmail.com



Group Posterous Blogs


Posterous Blog
Carla Arena http://webtools.posterous.com
Jose Antonio  http://joseantoniook.posterous.com  
Erika Oya  http://erikaoya.posterous.com 
Domingos Di Lello  http://betodilello.posterous.com 
Claudio Fleury http://claudios.posterous.com
Adriana Felix http://adrianafelix.posterous.com
Denise De Felice  http://denisefelice.posterous.com 
Alba Cobra http://albacobra.posterous.com
Maria Tereza


Patricia Ferreira  http://patriciaferreira.posterous.com/ 
Mirian Resende  http://mirian.posterous.com 
Dennis Oliver http://do_thoughts.posterous.com/
Karina Viana  http://karinaviana.posterous.com/ 
Climene Arruda  http://climene.posterous.com 
Nina Lyulkun http://nagora.posterous.com/
Aída Freire  http://afreire.posterous.com/ 
Hélade Cappai   http://heladecappai.posterous.com/ 
Cláudia Farias 


Natália Forattini  http://n4webtools.posterous.com/ 
Sílvia Caldas  http://silviacaldas.posterous.com/ 
Tula Teixeira
Antônio Anastácio  http://mynameanastacio.posterous.com 
Mariúcha Rezende  http://mariucha.posterous.com/ 
Thelma Marques http://thelma.posterous.com/ 



Group Blogger Blogs


Blogger Blog
Carla Arena http://webtools4educators.blogspot.com
Alba Cobra http://edutasks.blogspot.com
Jose Antonio  http://joseantoniook.blogspot.com  
Maria Tereza   http://mariaterezagomes.blogspot.com  
Erika  Oya http://erikaoya.blogspot.com
Domingos Di Lello  http://betodilello.blogspot.com  
Antonio Anastácio Castelo Branco http://anastacio10.blogspot.com 
Mirian Resende  http://mirian09.blogspot.com
Sílvia Caldas (some blogs I've created to use with my groups this semester)




Hélade Cappai http://techeducationforenglishteachers.blogspot.com/
Claudio Fleury http://onlinegamesforefl.blogspot.com/
Mariúcha Rezende  http://teaching-english-sharing-ideas.blogspot.com/ 
Tula Teixeira http://tulalein.blogspot.com/ 
Flávia Lúcia Borges Galvão http://flavialuciaborges.blogspot.com/ 
Natália Forattini Antunes  http://gettingtolearnwitheachother.blogspot.com/ 



Comments (1)

Carla Arena said

at 7:12 am on May 2, 2009

Hey, guys. Thanks for sharing your information here. Can you already picture how diverse this group is? Fantastic!

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