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We've gone far, from Web2.0 to digital storytelling with stops in the world of social bookmarking, photo sharing and RSS. Now, it's time to link it all together.


The Wikisphere will be our space to develop, enhance and share our WebTools4Educators final project. In fact, we've been exploring the possibilities for wikis in an educational setting. However, wikis are also a wonderful tool for project development, brainstorming, as well as for a Personal Learning Environment, as Michele Martin points out on her blog post about wikis as personal spaces .





Guidelines for you Final Project


You'll prepare a lesson plan based on your classroom reality incorporating a web tool to it,or a learner's activity which will be held in an online space. It might be a lesson you've already taught and you think you could give a different digital perspective, or it could be a lesson you're planning to teach.


Think of...

learners as collaborators

learners as active participants in the learning process

a web tool or online space that triggers inquiry, critical thinking, engagement




where you are going to work on your final project. On your own wiki space, or here, our course wiki, by creating a new page?

if you want to work individually or with a group of educators

specific learning goals for your lessonplan


Have in mind...


the revised Bloom's taxonomy that adds digital approaches to it.









You'll receive peer and your moderator's feedback in these areas with the following criteria:

Content and Tech Integration - The project's technology use effectively supports and links with the chosen content. It affords new possibilities for learning in the 21st century. The project's uses of technology directly support for student learning. The project's use of technology is appropriate for the medium while helping students reach identified learning objectives. The choice of technology is age appropriate and supports different learning styles and abilities.

Ethical Issues - The digital resources are properly credited when it is the case.

Lesson Plan Design - The lesson plan is complete, goes into depth as appropriate. It provides opportunities for co-learning. Students explore concepts as active participants of the learning process. The task guidelines reflect the overall curricular goals, provide clear directions, and offer digital resources.

Role of the Teacher - The lesson plan enhances the role of the teacher  as a facilitator of student learning and experiences. The teacher actively explores and learns with the students.

Assessment - Lesson plan provides ways of students' reflection on their own experiences and learning.


Adapted from Assessing Teacher Technology Projects.




Structuring your Lesson Plan 


Here's a guideline for you to follow:




Team Members (if you decide to work in group):




Time Frame:


Overview of Lesson Plan:


Learning Outcomes:


Technological Resources (add link to them or post them on your wiki page)/materials:


Procedures (tasks):






Samples of Lesson Plans


Tableau Vivant

Class Biographies

Create your Own StoryWiki

Adopting Customs

The Seven Wonders of Our Community

(Here's an example a very comprehensive lessonplan incorporating 21st century skills. It's just a sample. You're not expected to go that far)


Class 2008 Examples of Final Projects


Team Members/Individuals Wiki URL for your Final Project Lesson Plan Title
Patricias, Lueli and Ana Albi


http://englishworldround.pbwiki.com/feedback (feedback/comments here)

Phrasal Verbs Illustrated Dictionary
Marina Brazil Bonani


http://marinabonani.pbwiki.com/feedback (feedback/comments here)

Maria da Luz Delfino(???)  http://mdelfino.pbwiki.com/  Celebrating International Week
Victor Jatobá Botelho  http://victorjatobabotelho.pbwiki.com  Sharing your vacation using Voicethread
Marina Couri and Sandra  http://advicepagelesson-finalproject.pbwiki.com/To-be-or-not-to-be-Thin  The Media and the New Concept of "Beauty"
Maria Claudia Pires  http://mclaudiapg.pbwiki.com lesson plan 
Gabriela Anjos


http://webtools4educators.pbwiki.com/feedbackGabi (feedback/comments)

"Digital" (The role of computers in our lives)
Gilmar D. S. Mattos http://gilmarmattos.pbwiki.com
The use of music in the classroom (to be continued)
Cecília http://webtools4educators.pbwiki.com/ceciliacarneiro A Photo I Like
Lilian Marchesoni http://jekyllandhyde.pbwiki.com  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
Vinicius Lemos http://viniciuslemos.pbwiki.com Using Flickr Toys and Vuvox to create a picture story

Cleverson Cavalcanti Pena

Kelly da Silva Vieira

 http://brazilianfood.pbwiki.com/  Brazilian Food Restaurant

Daniele Almeida

Elaine Maria

 http://danielaine.pbwiki.com/Lesson-Plan Talking about hometowns and introducing new friends 
Christiane Moisés


 http://hispanostagarelas.pbwiki.com/FrontPage Std's page

 A musicalidade de cada um de nós!
Cristiane Batista http://englishschooljatai.pbwiki.com    Vacation plans
Dennis in Phoenix







Getting Started


Create your Wiki Page in our group wiki, or use your wiki to develop your lesson plan. Add the information on the table below. Remember, you can work individually or in groups of three (maximum).

Deadline for Lesson Plan submission: July 19th, 2009


Team Members/Individuals Wiki URL for your Final Project Lesson Plan Title
Patricia V. C. Ferreira  www.blogpatis.blogspot.com  Who is your teacher?
Mirian Resende  http://webtools4educators.pbworks.com/Celebrate-the-USA  Celebrate the USA 
Karina Mendes Nunes Viana 



Our Own London Itinerary Chat Room 
Mariúcha Rezende http://mariucha.pbworks.com/FINAL-PROJECT Talking about Pets... (kids)
Flávia Borges, Sílvia Caldas e Wanda Gomide   http://silviacaldas.pbworks.com/  Then and now 
Erika Oya  http://webtools4educators.pbworks.com/Final+Project+-+Juvenile+3  The morning after / Trip to NY 

Alba Cobra and Claudia Farias

Alba Cobra



To Do or Not To Do - Juv 5

Pre-Test TOEFL wiki

Maria Tereza dos Reis Gomes http://webtools4educators.pbworks.com/MariaTereza The Long Tunnel  
Aída Freire


Tula Teixeira http://tula.pbworks.com/Lesson-Plan  About You and Me
Claudio Fleury 




ctj cyber project ideas for classes 01, 02 and 03 
Natália Forattini http://webtools4educators.pbworks.com/Final-Project-09-Elementary-1 Toys
Adriana Félixa TeacherAdrianaFélix Page Money
Jose Antonio da Silva   Final Project 4B Beauty 4B Inside Out 




Editing PBWiki - Tutorials





Advice to keep You focused on your Final Project


Don't Despair!





Eat a wonderful, yummy dessert, talk to your friends or skype your instructor!



Keep asking, commenting,sharing, and adding value to our collective effort.




Foresee what our celebration will be like once this stage is over with you as the creator,

producer of digital content that makes sense to your learners and to you.




Keep it legal. Use images, music that are licensed under Creative Commons.



Your Final Project instructor's screencast.

Comments (2)

gilmar.mattos said

at 10:27 pm on Jun 30, 2009

Dear Carla and all the 2009 participants - Just a brief note to wish you all the best of luck with your final projects. I insist on the nostalgia feeling when I get here and see everything you guys have been doing. For the participants - do take every single chance you have to do your best here and most importantly (IMHO) keep this energy alive as the course "finishes". You have the best MASTER ever. It's true there are wonderful webheads around - very nice, professional, knowledgeable, etc, etc - BUT I still haven't found (can't help using music) someone as energetic and "motivating" as Carla.

Carla Arena said

at 9:15 pm on Jul 6, 2009

Dear Gilmar, thanks for the kind words and for cheering everybody up. You are an inspiration and we saw that in our Class 2008 group.
See you soon.

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