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Page history last edited by Carla Arena 12 years, 9 months ago

It's just exciting to see you all moving forward, asking questions, in need for a helping hand and not afraid to say, "look, I don't have a clue what I'm suppose to do, but I'm willing to give it a try".


Here are some questions I've seen collecting from the previous course and this one. If you have others, you can just click the "edit" button and add your own.




Week 1

I'm lost. Where do I start?

From the beginning!!! Read your instructor's emails carefully, mainly the one related to week 1.

Access our virtual classroom at http://thomas.org.br/ead

Click on the links in the center of the page to learn about the tasks. They are all there!


Watch this introductory video to week 1


Some tutorials to get started:


Learning how to navigate our virtual classroom.






Breathe, cool off, and read the tutorials!!!



I am completely lost and falling behind on the assignments. Where Is the class syllabus and the list of weekly assignments?

Just breathe and relax again. Remember that here there's no such a thing of falling behind! Everything you need to do is in our virtual classroom, week 1 http://thomas.org.br/online


The tasks are all at http://thomas.org.br/online



I keep receiving a message from wiki that says my wiki has been edited. I may have more than 10 of those and I don't know what they mean.

Have I done anything wrong?


Not at all! Every time someone in the group adds or changes something on our wiki, you'll see. There's no need to check them all. Just ignore it. However, if you have a wiki for a group of students, it's a great way to see what they are up to. For me, this email is an effective way to track the latest updates to our page.


If you still feel you want to change the notifications settings, take a look at how to do it.



I created my blog, but when I added it to the Webtools4Educators , it does not appear in blue and underlined like the others so people can click and get to my page. Help me.

The point here is learning how to hyperlink. To hyperlink, just highlight the URL (address), and click on this icon 


when you're editing the page , select "url", type the web address. That's it!

I keep receiving a message from PBWiki to take a week-long course. Do I need to do it now?

No. We'll have time to explore wikis better. The idea of having them on the first week is that you start testing it, and understanding its potential for collaborative endeavors.

What's the difference between a Wiki and a Blog?
I think this one I'll let you answer! Any takers?



How can I add information to the week 1 table and Week 2 blogs ?

Go to the Participants' page and click on "edit" on the top of the page. Then, go to the table you want to edit and type there. Don't forget to click on "save", at the bottom of the page whe you are done. As simple as that!



Comments (3)

cristiane said

at 6:33 am on Sep 24, 2008

How can I add information to the week 1 table ?

Carla Arena said

at 9:08 am on Sep 24, 2008

Good question, Cristiane. I just added it to our FAQ and the answer is there.

Lilian Marchesoni said

at 12:38 am on Oct 17, 2008

It's hard to know the difference between a wiki and a blog... But from my experience with both... firstly, on wikis you can have as many pages as you want to with as many different subject as you wish... One more thing is that you can download and make available documents, such as word or other type of documents... What else? I really don't know... I find out more things every time I try to edit my own wiki... (http://englishtoolbox.wiki.com)
See you around!
By the way, how can I change the address of my wiki without losing all the infromation I already have there?

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